Mediacom Broadband Specialist IV in Kendallville, Indiana

Broadband Specialist IV


City:Kendallville, IN


Exempt Status:Non-Exempt

Employment Duration:Full time

Working Hours:T-Sat. 8-5, with on-call schedule

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General Responsibilities:Performs field technical work. Responsible for routine maintenance and repair of CATV distribution system and HSD system and for turn-on of new distribution system. Maintenance and troubleshoot the trunk system due to equipment and/or power failure.

Specific Responsibilities:• Performs any and all duties of personnel in Broadband Specialist I - III descriptions (with respect to both CATV and HSD services).• Sets trunk levels, sets-up and changes out trunk amplifiers, calculates signal level losses in cable and equipment for trunk lines and distribution lines.• Installs electronics and makes power connections.• Properly uses, stores and maintains all test equipment used in system.• Conducts system tests such as signal/noise, signal/hum, summation sweep, chart recording, return loss bridge, including monthly, semi-annual and annual tests.• Assumes full responsibility for troubleshooting and repair of the coaxial and fiber distribution system. Prepares estimates for projects, providing bill of materials.• Assists and effects interface for required revisions to strand and design maps.• Manipulates connectors, fasteners and wire and uses hand tools.• Climb poles with proper equipment (safety belt, safety strap and climbers), ladders or other structures as needed. Lifts and carries loads up to 75lbs (including 28 ft ladder); uses bucket truck when required (after receiving certification). Works within limited confines, such as crawl spaces.• On Call duty will be required.• Other functions that may be assigned.

Preferred Experience/Skills:• 5+ years in a cable field technical position.• Valid driver’s license; satisfactory driving record.• Knowledge of client/server architectures, bridges, local area networks, wide area networks, and IP networks are highly desired.• Knowledge of all residential cable installs, service calls, and Broadband Specialist I-III responsibilities. Fiber PRI, DS3, PM/DM activity, & fiber restoration.• Ability to operate all tools and equipment in a safe and responsible manner.• Good written and oral communication skills.• Ability to work in all weather conditions and at various heights.• Ability to work flexible work hours, including evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime as required.

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